Poker Affiliate Listings

  • NEWWTS : nine most common plo micro stakes leaks
    I have a 1300 word article on common micro stakes leaks at pot limit omaha I am looking to sell. $25 takes it. I can do custom work as well at a...
    - 2 days ago (20 Nov 2017) -
  • 2 days ago (20 Nov 2017)
  • NEWContent Services in Multiple Languages
    I work with an amazing team of experienced writers in dozens of languages. We can create original content or translate & localize your existing...
    - 6 days ago (16 Nov 2017) -
  • 6 days ago (16 Nov 2017)
  • Offer : Cheap link for Affiliates
    Hi, Of course you may be interested in Gambling links for your site or client site. We can provide couple of link spots on quality web portals. ...
    - 8 days ago (14 Nov 2017) -
  • 8 days ago (14 Nov 2017)
  • link exchange
    I am seeking to link exchange for my two sites, and alternatively I would be interested in writing a guest post on...
    - 9 days ago (13 Nov 2017) -
  • 9 days ago (13 Nov 2017)
  • looking for link exchange
    please let me know your sites.
    - 9 days ago (13 Nov 2017) -
  • 9 days ago (13 Nov 2017)

Poker Affiliate Programs

  • What Do People Want?
    Why Do People Choose A Poker Site? One of the reasons why people choose to try out a poker site at least is because they are giving away some bonus cash, so we do need to recognize that 888 Poker’s … Continue reading →
    - (23 Jun 2015) -
  • (23 Jun 2015)
  • What About The Poker?
    The Real Reasons To Play Here I spoke about adding a section to the main 3 highlights which leads the area where 888 Poker actually discusses some reasons for people to play at their poker site, so before I move … Continue reading →
    - (23 Jun 2015) -
  • (23 Jun 2015)
  • Regrowing The Vegetation
    Continuing To Look To Plant Some New Seeds Here The list of benefits that we have been looking at here on 888 Poker’s home page is of the utmost importance, so therefore it’s very important that we get this right, … Continue reading →
    - (15 Jun 2015) -
  • (15 Jun 2015)
  • Sorting Through The Leaves
    Let’s Not Leave The Real Selling To A Pile Of Leaves It’s time to focus our attention back on 888 Poker’s list of reasons to play on their site, or at least to try them out, but before we do … Continue reading →
    - (15 Jun 2015) -
  • (15 Jun 2015)
  • Making Them Comfortable
    Getting Them Comfortable Is Key You’re at a poker site home page, such as the one that we’re looking at from 888 Poker, or perhaps one that we’ve designed or modified ourselves.  Someone has read our review, they’ve been interested … Conti…
    - (8 Jun 2015) -
  • (8 Jun 2015)

Poker Affiliate Solutions

  • August 2017 Promotions and Announcements
        New Offers Available on BestPoker – 25% Gross – Players Automatically receive 35% Rakeback Paid Weekly PokerLoco – 20% Gross – Players Automatically receive 30% Cashback Paid Weekly + up to €2000 in reload bonuses every 3 mont…
    - (31 Jul 2017) -
  • (31 Jul 2017)
  • partypoker Announces Biggest POWERFEST ever. $35Million GTD
    $35 Million Guaranteed, 3 weeks, 330 events, Including 12 Championship Events In true POWERFEST tradition, the biggest and best is on its way this September, sporting an unprecedented $35 Million Guaranteed! On for three weeks spanning 3rd to 24th Se…
    - (28 Jul 2017) -
  • (28 Jul 2017)
  • Breaking News: partypoker partners with WSOP for first time, making live debut in Brazil
        partypoker partners with WSOP for first time, making live debut in Brazil Qualify exclusively on partypoker for $1,000,000 guaranteed WSOP Brazil Main Event September 24th Breaking News!​ You can also read the blog here: http://www.partypoke…
    - (28 Jul 2017) -
  • (28 Jul 2017)
  • 888 Changes their CPA Structure Effective July 1
    Description 888poker is dedicated to creating poker rooms so that every player, no matter what your skill level, can enjoy the best poker anywhere. For many of us, our best poker experiences weren’t the hands we won, but the people we played them w…
    - (1 Jul 2017) -
  • (1 Jul 2017)
  • July 2017 Monthly promotions – Over $60,000
      Here are your latest promotions coming from See your Leaderboard Tab in PAS Admin for results Check out your Promotions Tab in PAS Admin for Rake Races and Freerolls Log into PAS To promote these offers! Want to share the Leaderboard…
    - (29 Jun 2017) -
  • (29 Jun 2017)


Poker Addict

Affiliate Bible

  • Legend Affiliates Program Review
    I very rarely work with brand new affiliate programs. I have a few reliable affiliate programs that I promote, and …  Continue readingThe post Legend Affiliates Program Review appeared first on Dealer Dan's Affiliate Bible.
    - (13 Aug 2017) -
  • (13 Aug 2017)
  • What Is Negative Carryover?
    While it’s not so common among affiliate programs these days, there are still a few affiliate programs that offer No …  Continue readingThe post What Is Negative Carryover? appeared first on Dealer Dan's Affiliate Bible.
    - (12 Jul 2017) -
  • (12 Jul 2017)
  • Thank Roboform It’s Monday
    Not sure if I should be thanking Roboform or Statsremote actually – both programs have made for a couple of …  Continue readingThe post Thank Roboform It’s Monday appeared first on Dealer Dan's Affiliate Bible.
    - (29 May 2017) -
  • (29 May 2017)
  • Thank Being Done Audits It’s Monday
    Whew – I last wrote on here in January 2017. The article I wrote was 2017: The Year of Website …  Continue readingThe post Thank Being Done Audits It’s Monday appeared first on Dealer Dan's Affiliate Bible.
    - (24 Apr 2017) -
  • (24 Apr 2017)
  • 2017: The Year of Website Audits (For Me)
    My corporation got audited during the Summer. Like actual IRS audited. That was……interesting. Obviously the word “audit” is enough to …  Continue readingThe post 2017: The Year of Website Audits (For Me) appeared first on Dealer Dan's Af…
    - (19 Jan 2017) -
  • (19 Jan 2017)

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888 Affiliates: One of the most reputable brands in our industry, offering up to $200 CPA or 40% revenue share. Features poker, casino, sportsbetting and bingo. Best choice for affiliates promoting online gambling to players outside the US.

Deckmedia: Try out cross-promoting casino games to your poker players. You'll be amazed about the high player value and revenues that you can generate. Deckmedia is one of the few programs that accepts players from the USA and is a great choice for promoting slots, roulette or black jack to your players from the U.S. and all other countries in the world, paying up to 45% revenue share with no negative carryover.

Sit and Go Planet

  • FlopoMania Poker at 888 First Look and Strategy
    New poker formats are goldmines. There is a sweet spot of 2 to 3 weeks to fill your bankroll. Recreational players flood in to see what all the buzz is about. ‘Regs’ (grinders) have not yet had time to settle in and develop strategies to beat the…
    - 94 days ago (20 Aug 2017) -
  • 94 days ago (20 Aug 2017)
  • Are You Making Yourself an Online Poker Target?
    There are certain things that new players do at online poker tables which flag them as novices. This is dangerous. You will find plenty of players who are looking out for these flags. Their aim is to play pots against the new players, taking advantag…
    - (18 Jul 2017) -
  • (18 Jul 2017)
  • Best WSOP Vlogs
    With the 2017 World Series of poker in full swing, I checked out poker vloggers on YouTube to see how the coverage was looking. This was a positive surprise, with some really good coverage out there. I have to admit that after watching some of Daniel…
    - (15 Jun 2017) -
  • (15 Jun 2017)
  • Is the iPoker Network in Terminal Decline?
    There have been many ‘changes of the guard’ as far as the popular poker sites go over the years. As I mentioned in my Poker Inflection Points post recently, changes are happening again. I have always been a fan of the iPoker Network (for their so…
    - (22 May 2017) -
  • (22 May 2017)
  • Head to Head with the SCOOP
    When I saw that both Party and 888 Poker had scheduled their latest events to clash with the PokerStars SCOOP, I was puzzled. Surely the behemoth that is PokerStars have enough players to crush these ‘minnows’ ?After pondering this for a couple…
    - (2 May 2017) -
  • (2 May 2017)

Nat Arem

  • Late Birthday Blog
    In what has now become a basically annual or semi-annual occurrence, I’m actually writing a blog entry! Granted I’m almost two weeks late on my annual birthday blog but I’m still going to count it. I’ve written about my birthday at 27, 28, 29…
    - (6 Jul 2014) -
  • (6 Jul 2014)
  • Post Trip Update
    That title should actually read trips.  I’ve been on an absurd number of trips lately and it doesn’t appear as if it’s going to let up.  Just recently, I did a two week trip to Finland/Estonia/Russia in September and I just returned a few day…
    - (12 Nov 2013) -
  • (12 Nov 2013)
  • Quasi Birthday Blog
    True to my word, I haven’t written a blog entry in over 4.5 months. That’s not because a lack of interesting things happening in my life but more so because I don’t think the readers here care. As I stated back in December. But, here’s a quic…
    - (21 Jun 2013) -
  • (21 Jun 2013)
  • Hey, whaddya know, a blog entry!
    Just figured that I would log an entry since it’s been six weeks without an update. There’s nothing too major going on these days but there are a lot of relatively small things happening. First, hookgrip progress is coming along. And by that I me…
    - (2 Feb 2013) -
  • (2 Feb 2013)
  • Been awhile
    In some ways I feel like this blog is dying a slow death. On the one hand I am about to celebrate seven (!) full years of blogging. I originally started this on Dec 31st 2005 as a place to post pictures from the 2006 PCA. I decided that I liked writi…
    - (14 Dec 2012) -
  • (14 Dec 2012)

Bill Rini

  • WSOP 2017 Pics Part II
    Now that the final table for the 2017 WSOP Main Event has been set, here are some additional photos I took over the summer. Daniel Negreanu making a deep run. Hustle and bustle in the Amazon Room. Cards about to go in the air for the WSOP Main Event…
    - (18 Jul 2017) -
  • (18 Jul 2017)
  • WSOP 2017 Pics
    Here’s a collection of random photos I’ve taken since the start of the WSOP. I’ll probably have another post at some point with more pics. An empty parking lot days before the open of the 2017 WSOP Steps leading to the Rio convention center Wel…
    - (12 Jun 2017) -
  • (12 Jun 2017)
  • Photos From the WSOP 2015 Part II
    The post Photos From the WSOP 2015 Part II appeared first on Bill's Poker Blog.
    - (15 Jul 2015) -
  • (15 Jul 2015)
  • Photos From the WSOP 2015 Part I
    Just some photos I took at the WSOP this year. Didn’t really get to sling the camera as much as I would have liked but tried to take a day here and there and just shoot whatever.  The post Photos From the WSOP 2015 Part I appeared first on Bill's…
    - (15 Jul 2015) -
  • (15 Jul 2015)
  • Global Entry Program – The Only Way to Fly
    If you travel outside of the US more than once or twice a year, I highly recommend applying for the Global Entry program.The post Global Entry Program – The Only Way to Fly appeared first on Bill's Poker Blog.
    - (19 May 2014) -
  • (19 May 2014)

Jeremy Enke

Poker SEO

  • How to Do an Article Exchange to Get More Exposure for Your Gambling Site
    I thought it might be fun to write about how to do an article exchange in order to get more exposure for your gambling site, because I think a lot of people are doing it wrong. Today I received the following email: Hello, I saw your website(example.o…
    - (14 May 2012) -
  • (14 May 2012)
  • Keyword Tool – External or Internal?
    Most people use a keyword tool. External seems to be the most commonly used keyword tool, but I prefer to use internal keyword tools. What’s the difference? Your definition is probably different from mine. I think that an external keyword tool is a…
    - (27 Sep 2011) -
  • (27 Sep 2011)
  • Review
    Here’s my review. It’s not going to be as detailed as Michael Martinez’s review of, but I think it will provide a slightly different perspective. I don’t think about keyword research and SEO exactly lik…
    - (25 Sep 2011) -
  • (25 Sep 2011)
  • Can Poker Sites Just Change Their Terms and Conditions Whenever They Want To?
    Can poker sites just change their terms and conditions whenever they want to? I’m most familiar with this question from the perspective of a poker affiliate, but I can see how a poker player might be interested in the answer to this question too. I…
    - (24 Sep 2011) -
  • (24 Sep 2011)
  • Poker Traffic or Poker Rankings?
    This post contrasting poker traffic and poker rankings was inspired by and is partially a response to Fraser’s post at Keyword Strategy, Chase Traffic, Not Rankings. In his post, Fraser suggests that most webmasters would make more money if they fo…
    - (20 Sep 2011) -
  • (20 Sep 2011)

Niko de Jonge

  • Summer Goals for 2013
    I haven’t got a post up in a while so I figured I’d get a goals post up for the summer here.  This will include June, July and August, and it won’t be a very extensive list seeing as it is summer time. Sell my poker sites.  I’ve been trying…
    - (5 Jun 2013) -
  • (5 Jun 2013)
  • 2013 Sports Betting Affiliate Goals
    Here it is January 18th and I haven’t gotten a goals post up yet for this year.  With the NHL starting tomorrow I will be spending more time on NHL Betting Tips and may have even less time to get this up, so here goes. To start off I’m going to…
    - (19 Jan 2013) -
  • (19 Jan 2013)
  • My Summer So Far 2012
    Back in May I wrote my goals for the summer and since I haven’t posted on here in a while and the summer is almost over I’m going to take a look at what I’ve accomplished so far in regards to that post and also look at the rest of August in te…
    - (14 Aug 2012) -
  • (14 Aug 2012)
  • Summer 2012 Goals
    From May to August is usually what I consider my “summer” because I’ve gotten used to calling it that after finishing 5 years of University.  Nowadays I am working full time so this “summer” is really only in my head, but I have a lot of f…
    - (9 May 2012) -
  • (9 May 2012)
  • Sports Betting Affiliate Goals 2012
    I finally finished my last semester of University in December, which sets the stage for 2012 to be my best year ever, mainly due to the fact that I am now a full time affiliate marketer!  I’m planning to stay in the gambling sector this year and r…
    - (24 Jan 2012) -
  • (24 Jan 2012)

iPoker Affiliate

  • How to Build a Rock Solid Internet Business
    This guest post was provided by Michael Wittmeyer, a longtime Internet marketer and co-founder of With over five years in the online gambling affiliate space, I know all too well the risks of running a business that relies heavily…
    - (2 Apr 2012) -
  • (2 Apr 2012)
  • Understanding Twitter (For Personal Use)
    Like many people, I originally signed up for a Twitter account back in 2009 when everyone started to say it was going to be the next big thing. Like many of these people I also used my account a few times, didn’t really “get it” and basically g…
    - (18 Oct 2011) -
  • (18 Oct 2011)
  • One Easy Way to Diversify
    After Black Friday, almost everyone in our industry is getting more serious about diversifying and getting some eggs out of the online gambling basket. One hiccup that gambling affiliates have had with diversifying is finding an idea that is not only…
    - (5 May 2011) -
  • (5 May 2011)
  • London Affiliate Conference 2011 (Part 1)
    2008 was the last time I had a chance to make it out to the London Affiliate Conference where I had a lot of fun, so I decided it was time to head back, even though the idea of being in London in January didn’t appeal to me that much. Regardless, I…
    - (7 Feb 2011) -
  • (7 Feb 2011)
  • Top things I hate about drivers in Toronto
    Well, I was originally going to do this as a facebook status update, but I was limited to something like 450 characters. Anyway, I don’t know what it is about Toronto but people suck at driving. I have travelled to lots of different places and I th…
    - (19 Jan 2011) -
  • (19 Jan 2011)

Pursuing Success

  • Updating mod_pagespeed can be a pain in the @ss
    Just a quick reminder to self, since simply updating mod_pagespeed doesn’t seem to be able by just running yum update. If you have installed mod_pagespeed building from the source, like I have, you will probably run into the following issue: Here i…
    - 56 days ago (27 Sep 2017) -
  • 56 days ago (27 Sep 2017)
  • Updating Discover Car Navigation on Mac
    Today I tried updating my Volkswagen navigation to the latest available version, which can be downloaded from the Volkswagen site (in Dutch) for free, or at least for a specified amount of time after it was manufactured. Originally it used to be thr…
    - (5 Aug 2017) -
  • (5 Aug 2017)
  • Global protection of all wp-login.php files
    Here’s another short post about protecting wp-login.php files on your server from Brute Force Attacks, which can drastically increase your server load. Mine was constantly up to 90% making my server completely inaccessible. .htaccess or not .htacc…
    - (1 May 2017) -
  • (1 May 2017)
  • What an Ordeal – I have Crashed and Reinstalled my CentOS VPS
    It’s been an ordeal last night, working until 4:30 pm, but after two hours of sleep, I am now on my way back re-installing my VPS from scratch. When I started experimenting with Google Pagespeed (mod_pagespeed) I just took it a bit too far and want…
    - (7 Apr 2017) -
  • (7 Apr 2017)
  • Installing Fail2ban on CentOS
    Here’s a short tutorial for those of you looking to install Fail2ban on an existing CentOS server or VPS. First of all, you will have to determine which CentOS version you have, with the following command after starting a SSH session using a term…
    - (29 Nov 2016) -
  • (29 Nov 2016)

Poker Affiliate Sites

  • Future Plans and Events
    So last few months over Christmas and New Year have been pretty lazy. Just before Christmas I was training hard and working hard. Then with all the events round the holiday season I got out of routine and became lazy. So with that and the fact I was…
    - (19 Feb 2012) -
  • (19 Feb 2012)
  • Losing weight, getting fit and trying to stop smoking
    So it’s been about 8 months since I posted on here. So while checking on the websites I have kind of forgot about I remembered my affiliate blog and thought I better make a blog post to try and freshen it up abit. I’m not making any promises that…
    - (15 Oct 2011) -
  • (15 Oct 2011)
  • PokerNewsBoy, Lock Poker and Bluff team up to offer players the best Bluff Pro Challenge
    If you have ever bothered to read some of the older posts on you would have heard me refer to this promotion coming for a while. So I’m excited its finally here. The Bluff Pro Challenge. I have been working with Lock Poker a…
    - (2 Mar 2011) -
  • (2 Mar 2011)
  • How to Make a Website that Converts Visitors
    One of the fatal flaws of new affiliates is that while their ambitions for their new website are massive, and they “plan” to receive tons of traffic and make lots of money, 99% of the time their site suffers from a lack of planning in terms of ta…
    - (1 Mar 2011) -
  • (1 Mar 2011)
  • IGB Awards, launching new sites and buying Domians
    Even though it’s not in the title I have been super busy sorting stuff out for a massive promo that starts April and we start promoting tommorrow. Thats pretty much all I’m going to say today, as I’ll be talking about it for the next 2 months.…
    - (21 Feb 2011) -
  • (21 Feb 2011)

Gambling Cash Cow

  • My Top Tips For Affiliates
    Far too long since my last post! Last night while playing in a new poker league in the Costa Blanca, I got talking to someone just starting out in the world of online affiliating.  After the game had finished, which I won (thinly veiled brag), he as…
    - (7 Feb 2012) -
  • (7 Feb 2012)
  • How To Beat Google’s PANDA Updates
    When Google rolled out Panda version 1.0 back in February this year, in effect the game had changed. For years Google had been stating that quality content was the way to rank highly in Google, although we all knew, and actually achieved, quality ran…
    - (5 Nov 2011) -
  • (5 Nov 2011)
  • How Does Google Define Authority Sites?
    How Does Google Define Authority Sites? If you have read the Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines, then you will have noticed time and time again, as in other Google documents, the term “authoritive site” is used. Many have been saying for som…
    - (21 Oct 2011) -
  • (21 Oct 2011)
  • Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines Review – Part 2
    Yesterday I posted about what Google defines as vital queries. Google makes it very clear that only the “best of the best” authority type sites, such as the BBC and New York Time should have pages that respond to this queries (vital pages). There…
    - (21 Oct 2011) -
  • (21 Oct 2011)
  • Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines Review – Part 1
    Although the leaked Google document does give us a valuable insight in to how Google tests the quality of its search results, it does not of course give us the secrets of the latest algorithm updates that have hit many webmaster hard. In my opinion t…
    - (20 Oct 2011) -
  • (20 Oct 2011)

Jonathan Askew

  • Brazil World Cup 2014: 25 travel highlights
    Oh I beg to differ, I think we have a lot to discuss. After all, you are a client. He taught me a code. To survive. You’re a killer. I catch killers. Finding a needle in a haystack isn’t hard when every straw is computerized. Somehow, I doubt tha…
    - (18 May 2014) -
  • (18 May 2014)
  • US Auto Sales Numbers:Ford, G M, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia/Hyundai, Volkswagen
    Eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi. Eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi. Et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque. Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem…
    - (14 May 2014) -
  • (14 May 2014)
  • USB SuperSpeed will relegate Thunderbolt to a niche
    Corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati. Qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati. Qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Temporibus Autem Qui…
    - (14 May 2014) -
  • (14 May 2014)
  • Narendra Modi to be elected BJP, NDA coalition leader on Tuesday
    Eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi. Eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi. Et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque. Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem…
    - (14 May 2014) -
  • (14 May 2014)
  • A 71-Year-Old Man Built A Fully-Functioning Volkswagen Beetle Out Of Wood
    But with the blast shield down, I can’t even see! How am I supposed to fight? Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. I want to come wi…
    - (14 May 2014) -
  • (14 May 2014)

Marketing Star

  • Almost 4 Years Later…
    Just a quick motivational post here on my old poker affiliate blog for those still making their way to this blog one way or another… It is almost 4 years since I first started as a poker affiliate.  I will save the whole story on how it happened,…
    - (25 Aug 2011) -
  • (25 Aug 2011)
  • Is It A Good Time To Become a Poker Affiliate?
    I am sure there are a lot of new affiliates out there who have just entered the “poker affiliate game” or who have just stumbled across it and are interested if it is a good time to become an affiliate for online poker rooms with the big mess i…
    - (22 Jun 2011) -
  • (22 Jun 2011)
  • Merging Mini Sites To A New Domain
    This is a guest post by Adam from As an webmaster and affiliate with no employees, being able to maintain your websites by adding unique content, news and your own time is very important. Getting “spread” across too many webs…
    - (24 May 2011) -
  • (24 May 2011)
  • How I Increased Newsletter Sign Ups By 400%
    This is a guest post by Greg Walker from short essays The only thing I’m worse at than converting players is split testing and list building. Unfortunately, I’m still horrendous at split testing and conversions, but I do have…
    - (21 May 2011) -
  • (21 May 2011)
  • Using GeoTargeting To Increase Conversions
    The below post is a guest contribution from Mike Wittmeyer – a long time gambling affiliate and webmaster of essay writing services Geotargeting is something I have wanted to implement on my poker site for over a year…
    - (22 Feb 2011) -
  • (22 Feb 2011)

Justin Goff

  • Why People Buy A Lot Of Stuff In Very Small Time Frames
    When people are trying to fix a problem, they tend to spend a LOT of money to fix that problem. Most marketers understand this. But most marketers don’t understand that the window for all of that spending is incredibly short. For example… Last y…
    - (21 Sep 2015) -
  • (21 Sep 2015)
  • 29 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated From College
    This is the post that I wish I had read when I graduated from college at the age of 23. I graduated from Ohio State 7 years ago with a degree in Sports & Leisure studies. My junior year of college I started making web sites to see if I could make som…
    - (18 Jun 2014) -
  • (18 Jun 2014)
  • There comes a time when you need to step up and start playing a bigger game…
    A few weeks ago Derek Halpern posted this quote on Facebook and it really resonated with me… “There comes a time when you need to step up and start playing a bigger game.” This quote got right to the point of how I’ve been thinking. I think…
    - (1 May 2013) -
  • (1 May 2013)
  • How Bad Do You Want It?
    When you strip everything away, this is essentially the only thing that determines if you’ll be successful… How bad do you want it? Earlier this month I held a private, high-level mastermind in Columbus for 12 of the best internet marketers in th…
    - (5 Nov 2012) -
  • (5 Nov 2012)
  • The Internet Marketing TRAP (And How I Fell Into It)
    When I first started making money online, I ended up falling into the “trap” that I see a lot of young internet marketers fall for… It’s the trap that proves to everyone that you’ve made it.   It’s the trap that shows everyone you’re j…
    - (29 Apr 2012) -
  • (29 Apr 2012)

Randy Layman

  • The ADHD Pilot Podcast Project
    So after kicking around some ideas, I did a quick podcast to spout some ideas. I do better when I have goals, focus, and when I’m doing something I care about. I took a long break form doing anything web or marketing related because I was just burn…
    - (27 Jan 2017) -
  • (27 Jan 2017)
  • Fears and Failures of Business
    Note: This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be making about Fear and Failures. I’ve had several successes since I started working in the online world of business. But it’s the failures and fears that I want to cover right now. My First Su…
    - (12 Feb 2016) -
  • (12 Feb 2016)
  • How To Set Realistic Goals As A Gambling Affiliate
    Randy gave me the green light to write something for his personal blog and following on from his post ‘Thoughts Going Into 2016’ I thought it would be really interesting to write something about how to set realistic goals as a gambling affiliate.…
    - (5 Feb 2016) -
  • (5 Feb 2016)
  • Thoughts Going Into 2016
    Well I figured I either needed to post something on here, or shut it down, so I’m posting something. 2015 was a crazy year, a good year, a busy year, and one where I think I grew some personally and professionally. My goal is to make 2016 even bett…
    - (23 Jan 2016) -
  • (23 Jan 2016)
  • New Projects and Adventures
    It’s obviously been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here, truth is I just didn’t have much to say. Or I should say I didn’t have anything GOOD to say. But it’s summer time, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, I live in the…
    - (6 May 2015) -
  • (6 May 2015)

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